Research Assays

AbnovaAcute Myeloid Leukaemia Antibodies
AbnovaAntibodies for Cancer Research
AbnovaAntibodies for Immunofluorescence
AbnovaAntibodies for Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
AbnovaAntibodies for Mosquito borne diseases: Zika, Dengue and Malaria
AbnovaAxon Guidance
AbnovaB Cell Lineage Biomarkers
AbnovaBioactive Proteins
AbnovaBladder Cancer Antibodies
AbnovaCancer Biomarkers
AbnovaCell Culture Grade Antibodies
AbnovaColorectal Cancer Antibodies
AbnovaCytoQuest CR – Isolation Enumeration and Retrieval of CRCs and Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) | Abnova
AbnovaEndometrial Cancer Antibodies
AbnovaFISH Clinical Applications
AbnovaFISH Probes for Cancer Research
AbnovaFISH Probes vs mutaFISH Probes
AbnovaFluorescence In Situ Hybridisation (FISH) Probes | Abnova
AbnovaFluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)
AbnovaMatched Antibody Pairs for ELISA Development
AbnovaMelanoma Antibodies
AbnovaMicroglia Function Transition
AbnovaNLRP3 Inflammasome in Neurological Diseases
AbnovaNon-Small Lung Cancer Antibodies
AbnovaOne Gene, One Antibody Poster
AbnovaOrthotopic Xenograft Tumour Models
AbnovaPancreatic Cancer Antibodies
AbnovaProstate Cancer Biomarkers
AbnovaRenal Cell Carcinoma Antibodies
AbnovaStem Cell
AbnovaT Cell Lineage Biomarkers
AbnovaTNF-TRAF Signalling Pathway Antibodies
AdipoGen Life SciencesAngiogenesis Research Tools
AdipoGen Life SciencesAutoimmune Disease Biomarkers APRIL & BAFF
AdipoGen Life SciencesCancer & Stem Cell Signaling Pathways
AdipoGen Life SciencesChemodex – Markers, Probes, Stains & Labels, ROS Probes
AdipoGen Life SciencesChemodex – Markers, Probes, Stains & Labels, Zinc Probes
AdipoGen Life SciencesDYRK Inhibitors
AdipoGen Life SciencesELISA Kits – Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assays
AdipoGen Life SciencesFunctional Antibodies
AdipoGen Life SciencesGasdermin D Signaling & Inflammasome Research
AdipoGen Life SciencesImmune Checkpoint Proteins
AdipoGen Life SciencesImmune Checkpoint Reagents
AdipoGen Life SciencesImmune Regulation Reagents
AdipoGen Life SciencesImmunometabolism Research Products
AdipoGen Life SciencesInflammasome Research Products
AdipoGen Life SciencesInnate Immunity
AdipoGen Life SciencesMultimeric TNF Superfamily Proteins
AdipoGen Life SciencesNeuroscience Research
AdipoGen Life SciencesNLRP3 Inflammasome
AdipoGen Life SciencesNotch Signalling Pathway
AdipoGen Life SciencesNotch Signalling Pathway Tools
AdipoGen Life SciencesObesity and Diabetes Research
AdipoGen Life SciencesPattern Recognition Receptors (PRRs) Signalling Pathway
AdipoGen Life SciencesRare Biologically Active Antibiotics & Mycotoxins
AdipoGen Life SciencesSmall Molecules and Natural Products
AdipoGen Life SciencesStem Cell Biology
AdipoGen Life SciencesT cell Immune Checkpoints
AdipoGen Life SciencesTargeting Immune Checkpoints
AdipoGen Life SciencesThe Ubiquitin-Proteasome System (UPS)
AdipoGen Life SciencesTNF Ligands Multimeric Proteins
AdipoGen Life SciencesTNF Superfamily Ligands & Receptors
AdipoGen Life SciencesUnique Natural Products & Rare Antibiotics
AdooQ BioscienceInhibitors Catalogue
AgriseraAntibodies for Environmental Stress
AgriseraAntibodies for Plant Hormones
AgriseraLoading Control Antibodies
AgriseraPhotosynthesis Antibodies
AgriseraPlant and Algal Research Antibodies
AgriseraPlant Cell Comparment Marker Antibodies
AgriseraWestern Blot Guide 20% off Selected Neuroscience Antibodies Promotion
AVIVA Systems BiologyAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Signalling Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologyAntibodies for Cancer Research
AVIVA Systems BiologyApoptosis Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologyAviva Trial Size ELISA Kits – Jul-Dec 2019
AVIVA Systems BiologyAxon Guidance Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologyBy-Request Antibody Conjugation Service
AVIVA Systems BiologyCell Cycle Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologyChIP Antibodies | Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Antibodies
AVIVA Systems BiologyColorectal Cancer Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologyDNA-Binding ELISA Kits
AVIVA Systems BiologyELISA Kits
AVIVA Systems BiologyHepatitis C
AVIVA Systems BiologyJAK-STAT Signalling Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologyMAPK Signalling Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologymTOR Signalling Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologyNeuroscience Antibodies and ELISA Kits
AVIVA Systems BiologyParkinson’s Disease Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologyPathways in Cancer
AVIVA Systems BiologyProstate Cancer Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologyToxoplasmosis
AVIVA Systems BiologyTranscriptional Misregulation In Cancer Pathway
AVIVA Systems BiologyViral Carcinogenesis
AVIVA Systems BiologyWNT Signalling Pathway
BioLaminaStem Cell Culture Matrices: A Practical Guide
BioLaminaTissue Specific Laminin Cell Culture Matrices_Laminin Applications
BioLaminaWeekend-free feeding of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells on LN-521
BioLogSecond Messenger and Signal Transduction Research | High Purity Nucleotide & Nucleoside Analogues
BiosensisAntibodies, Kits & Reagents for Neurological Disease Research
BiosensisFlow Cytometry Validated Antibodies
BiosensisGeneral Overview
BiosensisLooking for the best BDNF ELISA?
BiosensisNeurodegenerative Diseases, Neutrophins and Receptors
BiosensisNeurotrophins & their Receptors
BiosensisStaining Kits
Bioss AntibodiesAlzheimers Poster
Bioss AntibodiesApoptosis Pathway
Bioss AntibodiesAutophagy
Bioss AntibodiesB Cell Receptor Signalling Pathway
Bioss AntibodiesBioss Trial-Size Antibodies
Bioss AntibodiesCell Biology
Bioss AntibodiesCell Cycle: G1/S Checkpoint Pathway
Bioss AntibodiesEndoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress Pathway
Bioss AntibodiesImmunology Antibodies
Bioss AntibodiesJak-Stat Signalling Pathway
Bioss AntibodiesNerve Growth Factor Pathway
Bioss AntibodiesNeurodegenerative Diseases
Bioss Antibodiesp53 Pathway
Bioss AntibodiesParkinsons Pathway
Bioss AntibodiesSchwann Cell Development
Bioss AntibodiesStem Cell Antibodies
Bioss AntibodiesT-Cell Receptor Pathway
Bioss AntibodiesToll-Like Receptor
Bioss AntibodiesTumour Immunology Pathway
Bioss AntibodiesVirus & Bacteria
Bioss AntibodiesWNT Signalling Pathway
BioStatusDRAQ5 | Red Fluorescent Cell-Permeable DNA Probe | BioStatus
BioVisionAntibody and Protein Purification Resins or Beads
BioVisionCancer Stem Cell Inhibitors
BioVisionCell Viability Proliferation Cytotoxicity Assays_2015_BioVision
BioVisionDiabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
BioVisionDrug Metabolism Research Products
BioVisionEpigenetic Modulators
BioVisionExosome Products
BioVisionExosome Research
BioVisionGeneGlide Transfection Reagents
BioVisionHDAC Assay Kits, Inhibitors & Antibodies
BioVisionMolecular Biology Research Products
BioVisionMolecular Biology Tools
BioVisionToll-Like Receptor Signalling
Cayman ChemicalAddiction Research Tools
Cayman ChemicalApoptosis Guide
Cayman ChemicalArachidonic Acid Cascade
Cayman ChemicalAssay Kits
Cayman ChemicalAtherosclerosis
Cayman ChemicalBile Acid-Gut Microbiome Axis
Cayman ChemicalCancer
Cayman ChemicalCancer Research Products
Cayman ChemicalCannabinoid Receptors Poster
Cayman ChemicalCell Biology and Cancer Antibodies
Cayman ChemicalCell Proliferation, Viability, and Cytotoxicity Assays
Cayman ChemicalCeramides and Sphingolipids
Cayman ChemicalCitrullination Research Tools
Cayman ChemicalCitrullination Screening
Cayman ChemicalCyclooxygenase Pathway
Cayman ChemicalCytochrome P450 and PUFAs
Cayman ChemicalDiabetes and Obesity Research Tools
Cayman ChemicalEicosanoid G-Coupled Protein Receptors Pathway
Cayman ChemicalEmerging Non-Opioid Compounds Forensics
Cayman ChemicalEmerging Opioid Compounds Forensics
Cayman ChemicalEpigenetics Cayman Currents – Issue 27
Cayman ChemicalEpigenetics Research Tools
Cayman ChemicalFatty Liver Disease (NAFLD/NASH) Cayman Currents – Issue 31
Cayman ChemicalFentanyl Identification Cayman Currents – Issue 28
Cayman ChemicalFerroptosis: Tools to detect a new form of cell death
Cayman ChemicalFerrroptosis Cayman Currents – Issue 30
Cayman ChemicalFluorescent Probes
Cayman ChemicalForensic Chemistry: Cannabinoid Degradants Cayman Currents – Issue 26
Cayman ChemicalHistone Modifications poster
Cayman ChemicalImmunoassays and Mass Spec TECHNICAL BRIEF
Cayman ChemicalImmunology and Inflammation
Cayman ChemicalInnate Immune Signalling_cGAS_STING Cayman Currents – Issue 29
Cayman ChemicalLab Guide for Benzodiazepine Metabolism
Cayman ChemicalLaboratory Guide for Fentanyl Identification, Naming, and Metabolism
Cayman ChemicalLaboratory Guide for Synthetic Cannabinoid Identification and Naming
Cayman ChemicalLaboratory Guide for Utopioid Identification, Naming, and Metabolism
Cayman ChemicalLipidomics Cayman Currents – Issue 32
Cayman ChemicalLipidomics Standards and Research Tools
Cayman ChemicalLysophospholipid Signaling
Cayman ChemicalMitochondrial Bioenergetics Profiling Services
Cayman ChemicalMitochondrial Function Assays
Cayman ChemicalNeurodegenerative Disorders
Cayman ChemicalNeuroscience
Cayman ChemicalNeuroscience
Cayman ChemicalNeutrophil Biology
Cayman ChemicalNeutrophil Biology Cayman Currents – Issue 22.1
Cayman ChemicalNeutrophil Defensive NETworks
Cayman ChemicalOpioid Analytical Standards
Cayman ChemicalOxidative Damage and Reactive Species
Cayman ChemicalOxidative Damage Assays
Cayman ChemicalPain Research
Cayman ChemicalPhagocytosis Research Tools
Cayman ChemicalPhospholipase Signalling Axis
Cayman ChemicalPhytocannabinoid Guide Poster: Biosynthesis, Naming and Numbering
Cayman ChemicalPhytocannabinoids
Cayman ChemicalReceptor-Mediated Endocytosis
Cayman ChemicalScreening for Drug Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction – Bioenergetics Screening Services WHITEPAPER
Cayman ChemicalScreening Inhibitors of Citrullination
Cayman ChemicalSnapshot: Mitochondrial Quality Control
Cayman ChemicalSpecialized Pro-Resolving Mediators Poster
Cayman ChemicalStem Cell Research
Cayman ChemicalSTING Signalling Pathway
Cayman ChemicalStressed about Picking an Oxidative Damage Assay?
Cayman ChemicalToxicology
Cayman ChemicalWays to Measure DNA Damage
DiacloneCytokine ELISA Kits, Sets, ELISpot, Multiplex, Antibodies
EchelonExtracellular Matrix Products
EchelonExtracellular Vesicle Labelling and Purification
EchelonLipid Antibodies
EchelonLipid-Protein Interaction Tools
EchelonPIP Mass Assays
Enzo Life SciencesaCGH Labelling Kits
Enzo Life SciencesAmpd Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 GLP-1_ELISA
Enzo Life SciencesAmpigene PCR and qPCR products
Enzo Life SciencesApoptosis
Enzo Life SciencesApoptosis Necrosis Detection Kit_ENZ-51002
Enzo Life SciencesArachidonic Acid Metabolites
Enzo Life SciencesAssay Kits
Enzo Life SciencesAutophagy
Enzo Life SciencesAutophagy
Enzo Life SciencesBIOLIKE ELISA Kit_3D Conformational comparison of Biosimilars
Enzo Life SciencesBioprocess
Enzo Life SciencesC-reactive Protein_CRP_ENZ-KIT102
Enzo Life SciencesCancer Research Products
Enzo Life SciencesCardiovascular Biomarkers
Enzo Life SciencesCell migration assays
Enzo Life SciencesCellestial Assay Kits and Dyes_Enzo Life Sciences
Enzo Life SciencesCellestial Flow Cytometry Dyes – Poster
Enzo Life SciencesCellestial Kits for Live Cell Analysis
Enzo Life SciencesCellular_Senescence_Toolkit
Enzo Life SciencesChromogenic Western Blot Kits
Enzo Life SciencesCompound Libraries
Enzo Life SciencesCYTAG CGH Labeling Kits
Enzo Life SciencesDisease-Associated Stress Signalling
Enzo Life SciencesDrug Discovery Products
Enzo Life SciencesEpigenetics
Enzo Life SciencesFlow Cytometry Antibodies
Enzo Life SciencesFlow Cytometry Assays to measure Cell Viability Proliferation and Death
Enzo Life SciencesGenomics and Molecular Biology
Enzo Life SciencesGHS Classification_Pictograms and Hazards_Poster
Enzo Life SciencesHeat Shock Protein Chaperone Complexes
Enzo Life SciencesHistamine ELISA Kit_ ENZ-KIT140
Enzo Life SciencesHuman Papilloma Virus_HPV
Enzo Life SciencesImmuno-Oncology Research Products
Enzo Life SciencesImmunohistochemistry (IHC)
Enzo Life SciencesImmunology Research Products
Enzo Life SciencesLabeling and Detection
Enzo Life SciencesLive Cell Analysis
Enzo Life SciencesLuteinizing Hormone_LH_Follicle-stimulating hormone_FSH_ELISAs_Fertility Research
Enzo Life SciencesMannan-Binding Lectin_MBL_Oligomer ELISA Kit_BDP-KIT-029
Enzo Life SciencesMegaCD40L_Enzo_ALX-522-110
Enzo Life SciencesMelatonin ELISA kit_ENZ-KIT150
Enzo Life SciencesMetabolism
Enzo Life SciencesMethotrexate ELISA Kit_ENZ-KIT142
Enzo Life SciencesMicrocystins and Other Cyanobacterial Toxins
Enzo Life SciencesMonitor Kidney Toxicity_Nephrotoxicity_KIM-1_NGAL
Enzo Life SciencesNeuroscience
Enzo Life SciencesNeuroscience-IHC-Antibodies
Enzo Life SciencesNick Translation FISH Probe Labelling_ENZ-42910
Enzo Life SciencesNuclear-ID Green Chromatin Condensation Detection Kit_ENZ-51021
Enzo Life SciencesOxidative Stress
Enzo Life SciencesPCR and qPCR-Complete PCR Solutions
Enzo Life SciencesPCR Decontamination Kit_Genomic DNA_gDNA_Removal Kits
Enzo Life SciencesPersonal Care
Enzo Life SciencesProstate-specific Antigen PSA ELISA_Kallikrein Antibody
Enzo Life SciencesRecombinant Antibodies
Enzo Life SciencesSphingosine Kinase 1 Inhibitor_SK1
Enzo Life SciencesStem Cells
Enzo Life SciencesTransferrin ELISA_ENZ-KIT143
Enzo Life SciencesUbiquitin and UBL Signaling
Enzo Life SciencesVisualise Cellular Responses with CELLESTIAL® Fluorescent Probes
Enzo Life SciencesWestern Blot Brochure
Enzo Life SciencesWestern Blot E-Book
Enzo Life SciencesWildlife Endocrinology
EpiGentekChromatin Studies
EpiGentekCRISPR/Cas9 Detection
EpiGentekDNA Chromatin Sample Prep
EpiGentekEpigenetic Solutions: A Complete And Systematic Pipeline
EpiGentekEpiGentek Product Review Form
EpiGentekHistone Methylation Quantification
EpiGentekSave 10% on EpiGentek Histone Methylation Quantification Kits (Feb-Mar 2020)
EXBIOCell Proliferation and Apoptosis Kits and Antibodies for Flow Cytometry – EXBIO
EXBIODetection of Defective Phagocytosis by Flow Cytometry
GenePharmaPublications using GenePharma’s siRNA
GeneTexAntibodies for Cancer Research
GeneTexAntibodies for Virus Research
GeneTexCancer Signalling
GeneTexCancer Stem Cells
GeneTexCardiovascular Research
GeneTexCardiovascular Research
GeneTexCell Cycle
GeneTexCell Death
GeneTexChIP-grade Antibodies
GeneTexCustom Antibody Services
GeneTexDNA Damage and Repair
GeneTexDNA Damage and Repair
GeneTexEasyBlot finally a solution to masking by denatured IgG
GeneTexEGFR Signalling
GeneTexElite TET Family, 5-mC, 5-hmC & DNMT Antibodies
GeneTexEndoplasmic Reticulum – ER Stress
GeneTexEndothelial Cell Markers
GeneTexEpigenetics DNA Methylation
GeneTexEpigenetics Histone Modification
GeneTexEpigenetics Poster
GeneTexEpithelial-Mesanchymal Transition – EMT Antibodies
GeneTexEpithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
GeneTexEpitope Tag Antibodies
GeneTexFeatured Antibodies
GeneTexFluorescence Immunostaining
GeneTexFluorescent Proteins and Epitope Tags
GeneTexGeneTex New Lab Package Deal
GeneTexGenomic Stability and DNA repair
GeneTexHypoxia Markers
GeneTexHypoxia Regulation Poster
GeneTexIHC Troubleshooting Guide
GeneTexImmune Response Pathway
GeneTexInduced Pluripotent Stem Cells
GeneTexInnate Immunity and Inflammation
GeneTexInternal Controls for Loading and Fractionation
GeneTexIon Channels
GeneTexJAK-STAT Pathway Cytokine Signaling
GeneTexKnockout Knockdown-Validated Antibodies
GeneTexLoading Controls
GeneTexMetabolic Pathways
GeneTexMotor Neurone Disease MND / Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ALS
GeneTexmTor Signalling Pathway
GeneTexNeural Markers
GeneTexNeural Markers Poster
GeneTexNeurite and Synapse Markers
GeneTexNeurodegenerative Disorders
GeneTexNeurodegenerative Disorders
GeneTexNeuronal Markers
GeneTexNeurotransmission Antibodies
GeneTexNFkB Pathway
GeneTexNotch Pathway
GeneTexOrganelle and Subcellular Markers
GeneTexOrganelle Markers
GeneTexPancreatic Cancer Markers
GeneTexPI3K-Akt-mTOR Pathway
GeneTexPluripotency Markers
GeneTexProliferation and Mitotic Markers
GeneTexSelected Antibodies for Influenza Virus
GeneTexStem Cell
GeneTexStem Cell Poster
GeneTexTGF-B Superfamily
GeneTexTumour-associated Antigens
GeneTexUpgrade Your Western Blot Results
GeneTexVEGF/ANG Pathway
GeneTexWnt Pathway
GeneTexZebrafish Top 100 Antibodies
ImmuSmolSTAINperfect Immunostaining Kit
InnaxonInnaxon TLR4 Agonist Arrays (LPS plates)
Jena BioscienceClick Chemistry Introduction
Jena BioscienceCLICKable Fluorescent Dyes
Jena BioscienceGuide to selecting the right qPCR MasterMix
Jena BioscienceMolecular Biology Products
Jena BioscienceProtein Crystallisation Screening
Kookaburra KitsLeukotriene C4 EIA Kit
Kookaburra KitsProstaglandin F2 alpha EIA kit
LarodanFatty Acids
LarodanResearch Grade Lipids
LenioBioALiCE® Cell-Free Protein Expression Kit
LKT LaboratoriesSpecialty Chemicals for Life Science Research_Product Catalogue_LKT Labs
LSBioIHC-plus Antibodies (2012) …because seeing is believing
Mercodia6 Reasons to Choose Mercodia Assays
MercodiaAnimal Immunoassays
MercodiaDiabetes ELISA Kits
MercodiaGlucagon ELISA Bibliography
MercodiaGlucagon Measurement: Addressing Long-Standing Analytical Challenges
MercodiaGlucagon-Metabolic Regulator Critical for Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
MercodiaGut Microbiome and Metabolism Handout
MercodiaHow the introduction of a specific glicentin ELISA made glucagon measurements even more specific WhITEPAPER
MercodiaHow to choose your Glucagon Assay
MercodiaMercodia Insulin ELISAs: Not Your Ordinary Insulin Assays
MercodiaMercodia Rat and Mouse Immunoassays
MercodiaObesity Research ELISA Kits
MercodiaoxLDL ELISA Bibliography
MonosanMONOSAN® Aluminium Cryo-Tubes for Sample Storage in Liquid Nitrogen
MonosanMONOSAN® Histostaining Kit_Biotin-free detection
MonosanMONOSAN® Immunohistochemistry IHC Reagents
MonosanMONOSAN® Multidrug resistance (MDR) Antibodies
MonosanMONOSAN® Ready-to-Use Antibodies for IHC use on frozen and FFPE tissue sections
MonosanMONOSAN® Tryptophan Metabolite Antibodies_Anti-Kynurenic Acid & Anti-Quinolinic Acid
MonosanMONOSAN® Xtra – Antibodies – Cell Adhesion, CD Markers, Cytokeratins and more – for IHC and IF
NH DyeAGNOSTICS2DE_Gel-based Top-down Proteomics Products – 2015
NH DyeAGNOSTICSSmart Protein Layers (SPL)_Stain-free Western Blot Analysis_Gel-based Proteomics
ProSciAlzheimer’s Pathway
ProSciAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Pathway
ProSciAutophagy Pathway
ProSciImmune Checkpoints Pathway
ProSciImmuno-Oncology Antibodies
ProSciProSci 20µg Trial Size Antibodies List
ProSciSingle Domain Antibodies
Selleck ChemicalsInhibitors of Signaling Pathways
Shenandoah BiotechnologyAdipokines and Cytokines
Shenandoah BiotechnologyB-cell Cytokines
Shenandoah BiotechnologyCytokines for T cells
Shenandoah BiotechnologyProduct Catalogue – Cytokines, Growth Factors, Interleukins, Chemokines and Protein Bundles
Shenandoah BiotechnologyStem Cell Cytokines
siTOOLs BiotechriboPOOL Overview
siTOOLs BiotechsiTOOLs Biotech Overview
South Bay BioProduct Highlights
St John’s LaboratoryAKT Pathway
St John’s LaboratoryApoptosis Pathway
Toronto Research ChemicalsPDE Inhibitors

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